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I am Tician 47Huncho
I have been rapping since 2003
I have recorded music with Houston, TX Artist Lil Ke Ke Dallas, TX Artists Big Chief, Tum Tum, and T Cash. As far as the local music scene I feel like I’m in the top 5 for those who are true fans that are current and up to date on my music. I was born in Stop Six, raised in Forest Hill, Tx. Im definitely enjoying being able to witness and be a part of the growth and the due recognition the city finally getting I feel like it could be buzzing a lot harder if the focus was more on success rather than who take off first or who got the most fame. As an Artist that's truely from the streets I know I will have a huge impact but in my own lane. My upcoming project album "Came from Nothing" is going to be a masterpiece. If I had to describe it or categorize it, I'd have to refer to it as Real Life Music with today's relevance in sound. People ask where I got the name Tician 47Huncho. I started out with the rap alias BallaTician, I got it from my day one guy from the sand box on some freestyle shit back in the SUC, Swisha House, and Lil Flip era. I took the balla off and went with Young Tician. I gravitated to the name Tician alone because it fits my persona to a T. I say that because I've always been a politicing networking individual. Be it street business or music. In the streets, im not seeing no colors or no sides. Red and blue make green, the east, south, north, and west connect and run up checks. I Always been that way. You can say I'm a street politician. Ha… I like that. I recently added the 47 Huncho to represent my struggle growing up in Forest Hill. Can't never forget where I came from. I Came from Nothing... Stay tuned in, I'm here to represent for the real!